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Kindle Kare™ provides a loving and nurturing environment. The child feels happy and safe. Helps the child to focus on all round development.

Kindle Kare™ centres are truly “Home Away from Home” offering unique method of the child development and supportive learning programs. All our centres are made child-friendly, enabling independent functioning with minimum assistance. Internal and external areas are proportional with child friendly equipment. All external equipment is specially designed for safety and is well maintained and age appropriate, to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where the child grow at his own pace.

Kindle Kare™, besides striving for excellence in the field of Learning, lays tremendous emphasis on "KINDLE LEARN" method to provide firsthand on experience for all round development. The child’s motto ‘Let me do it MYSELF is nurtured here.


Kindle Kare™ comprises of loving and passionate early childhood facilitators who are experienced in all areas of child development, classroom assessment, implementing Innovative Learning methods, Lesson planning, Paediatric first aid, Crisis management, fostering special needs and more.... for every child.

Founded in 2004, Kindle Kare™ is one of the leading preschool and childcare providers. Passionately committed to build a “Home away from home” catering to the child’s need, Kindle Kare™ curriculum focuses on the child as a "SELF LEARNER"


My own daughters missed the directional approach at the preschool level and a loving and professional daycare while I pursued a busy marketing career in one of the premium media houses ten years back. I personally felt the need of bridging the gap, the need for a caring preschool and loving daycare opportunity and thus came upon the idea of Kindle Kare, where we kindle learning with care. My passion for children and enjoying them grow, helps career moms not to quit their dreams midway to be home moms.

I started with the flagship centre way back in 2004, got fame locally with a well connected group of parents. Our integrated methodology made noticeable changes in the academic and emotional growth of the children and regular workshops on Positive Parenting have made us the Most Coveted Preschool in the neighbourhood. There was numerous requests from Parents to open new centres in other IT Hubs in Bangalore and also in Pune and Gurgaon , as there are transfers. This instilled the thoughts of Scaling higher and as result Kindle Kare Learning India Pvt Limited came into being.

Our Core Team:


Each Teacher can count several stages in their career. Personally I have experienced many great moments in Kindle Kare for over 10 years with a supporting and caring team , I also realised the way my teaching spirit transformed. I would also love to express that I have learnt more from the children than they have from me.


Having spent a good part of the last 10 years at Kindle Kare, I realized that it was me who was the student, and my children, who were my real teachers. They taught me to be spontaneous, confident and lively. The happiness I derive from seeing my children blossom into talented achievers is unparalleled and I am grateful to them for making my work as a teacher most fulfilling.


I am Shani Azees, handling Kindle Garden class since 2005 at Kindlekare. For me, Kindlekare is my second home. Attending Workshops and Seminars, conducted by Kindlekare, helped me to improve my Skills, Self -confidence and Self-esteem. Working at Kindlekare is like working with my family. I am passionate about being a part of the developmental milestones and educational process of young children. Over these years, I helped children to come out of their shells and let their little personalities shine. It wouldn't have been possible without the support, encouragement and expert advice from our co-ordinator and my colleagues.


I completed Law degree and was practicing “Law” as my profession for 5 years, which was most challenging and hectic .Ten years ago, on putting my daughter for summer camp in Kindle kare, came to know about the school and the loving dedicated teachers and their methodology. This inspired me to become a part of this team, now I feel that was the right decision I took ,to change my career to teaching profession. This profession has moulded and educated me a lot, transformed me from being Lawyer to loving caring teacher. In 8 years at Kindle kare, I cherish my experience as teacher, in making every kid blossom in their own way.

Caregivers: With our Caring Hands kindling Love since Ten Years






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