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Testimonial of Kindle Kare Parents - Year 2018-2019

Happy Kindle Senior Parents from our Kindle Kare Brookefields Center




“Akhil really enjoying coming to school. Really impressed with new method of teaching like “do & learn”. Thanks a lot.”

 - Parents of AKHIL 



“Aditi has improved a lot in the past months. English improved a lot. The way a teaching seems to create of lot of impact on the nature and behaviour. She is able to mingle well with other friends near home now. Overall improvement of my child.”

 -Parents of ADITI 



“Very happy with Vivaan for the improvement. Thank you very much Kindle Senior Teachers"

 - Parents of VIVAAN 



“I am very happy with teacher and Kashyapi. Thankyou.

 - Parents of KASHYAPI  



“Very happy with the improvement I see in Anushka. Thank you Kindle Kare .”

 - Parents of ANUSHKA  



“Very happy with Abhiram’s progress in academics and also behavioural learnings. Thanks for Kindle Kare for everything.”

 - Parents of ABHIRAM 



“Very happy with Saamarth’s improvement. Little improvement want in phonics. Otherwise so happy with all the staff.”

 - Parents of SAAMARTH 



“Happy to come to school. His improved a lot in his studies.”.

 - Parents of AERIT 



“I am happy with the progress. Also very happy with the teacher and their response.”

 - Parents of TANAVI 



“I am very happy with my child that she is progressing very fast. Thank you Kindlekare .”

 - Parents of SANVI 



“We are very happy to know that she raised herself to keep up with other children who already completed the junior level via Kindle Kare.”

 - Parents of NIVEDITHA  



“We are very happy about Gunwanth improvement in studies. Thank you for your encouragement.”

 - Parents of GUNAWANTH 



“We are very proud to have Karthikeya in such a good environment like very good caring teachers and the school. Thank you so much Kindle Kare.”

 - Parents of GURUKARTHIKEYA  



“It is really good to see Neha is improving and love to go to school. Thank you for all your support. Expecting the same always. Thank you.”

 - Parents of NEHA  



“We are very happy about Gayathri’s improvement in speech and study . Thank you Kindle Kare for her improvement.”

 - Parents of GAYATHRI  



“We are very happy with Kindle Kare. Because we already had a good experience with our son. He studied in Kindle kare, he grown very well and very nice mannered way. Akshara also follow the same thing. Really we are very happy with Kindle Kare staff, we miss Kindle Kare after this academic year because we don’t have another kid to join in Kindle Kare. Miss you Kindle Kare....”

 - Parents of AKSHARA  



“Thank you for all your care and attention dear Teachers . We have had good learning experience for our son, all thanks to great teachers in Kindle Kare. Look forward to your continued support.”

 - Parents of MEDHAANSH  



“Thank you very much for providing specific strengths and improvement areas of our kid. It was pleasure to speak with you and looks like you are much more aware about our kid which increases confidence in you and school once again. Thank you for everything.”

 - Parents of ANAY  

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